Tutorial Tuesday: Thieves Chai Tea Latte

I made the decision to go sugar-free almost a year ago. I was able to find suitable substitutions for most things, and one day decided to make a sugar-free Chai Tea Latte.
 Thieves Chai tea latte
I bought Tazo Tea bags from Amazon, and made the tea as directed and used vanilla creme stevia and heavy cream. The result was disappointing.

I was so used to the Tazo Chai concentrate, that making it from tea bags tasted weak. I tried two tea bags and it was still too weak. Three bags was too strong and just seemed wasteful.

I read somewhere that you can add Thieves Vitality oil blend to Chai Tea as a way to take the oil internally, so I decided to try it. The cinnamon and clove in the oil gave the Chai just the perfect amount of flavor! I was so happy to be able to enjoy a sugar-free version of Chai Tea Latte and immune-supporting properties of the Thieves while I’m at it. I give this to my kids when they have sore throats, only I use honey instead of stevia to soothe their throats.

Young Living Thieves Vitality

Young Living Thieves Vitality


2 bags of Tazo Chai Tea

1 drop of Thieves Vitality

12 drops of vanilla creme stevia

2 TBSP heavy cream

Directions: Steep the tea as directed on the box. Add the Thieves, stevia and cream and stir.

Relax and enjoy :)

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What oils to you use to give some pizzazz to your food and drinks? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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